MailLink with Outlook 2003 - Failed to create identity from tokens


If we want to open an archived email from SuperOffice we get the following error: "Failed to create Identity from tokens"
This error does not appear when we open a document in SuperOffice 7.1 WEB.

This only occures from users with Outlook 2003, and if we clear the credentials of the maillink in Outlook it will work for a while. What could be wrong?


This is a bug and the web.config is missing a setting that cause the update of web ticket to fail when your current has expired. The ticket is used to authenticate, read more about this here.

Now, if the ticket has expired then the maillink should ask the maillinkservice to provide a new for the authenticated user. Unfortunally, the default web.config is missing the setting to ignore the customerrors and a new ticket is never provided by the service located here:

Change the following setting in web.config located in the folder where 7.web is installed from

<location path="Services">


<location path="Services">
   <customErrors mode="Off" />
   <httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" existingResponse="PassThrough" />




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